Wednesday, April 13, 2011

History and looking for art.

Today I took my gorgeous 5 year old niece to a local 'historic site' . We looked at old brickwork, dressed up as Romans and had a thoroughly splendid time. Other than painting a chess piece there seemed little major opportunity for 'art'.

Then -BANG! as I looked up there were these fantastic lights, just giving out a dull glow with an interesting shape. Thankfully my family - 5 year olds included - have got used to me stopping to photograph at the strangest of moments.

So there I was, photographing the ceiling. These strange, ethereal images came out of the camera. Rather pleasing I thought.

Art can be anywhere. It just depends upon how you look.


  1. how lovely! I love when those moments happen. I am fully convinced that they happen every day if you are looking for them.

  2. I must remember to carry a camera and / or art materials with me AT ALL TIMES!!!