Thursday, April 14, 2011

the devil's in the details....

ok.......maybe the devil isn't really in details, but there is a lot to be said about the little things. think about it, what makes us like a home, a photograph, an event, or a personality? it's the details....each person in the same room can look at the same room and come up with inumerable conclusions. pretty cool to think about, huh?

this pic was taken at a local coffee shop that i was at with my mom. after eating our fabulous food, i started wandering around. i started taking pics. i showed them to my mom when i was done & she didn't even know where i took them!

so, next time you go somewhere you always go, take a couple of closeup pics of the details: the piles of envelopes at the post office, the bananas at the market, the shoes of the people in line in front of you. give it a shot, you will suddenly find a thrilling sensation of looking for the details in the everyday mundane.


  1. I love the old photo apps on my phone!

  2. it's always nice to take a minute to appreciate the little things. cupcakes are also ver easy to love!!